Companies & Communities

We help reflect and transform business and communities values into concrete actions.
We want to highlight valuable behaviors and enhance the little altruistic gestures that are the soul of relationships that are not guided by economic logic.

Through Joydeed cards that convey value actions from person to person to spread values in a concrete way.
Each card is unique thanks to a code and a QR code that can be tracked online and allows people to connect through their actions.

What can you do?
1) If you want to try the GRATITUDE MINDSET in your company write us to run a workshop or buy some Joydeed decks and start using it with your colleagues.

2) If you rapresent a community or business, sign up and create your profile with the information of your company / community and your website, buy some Joydeed packs, when they arrive activate the cards logged in with the profile you created, after activating the cards you can gift them to collaborators, partners, participants, associates and let start value actions. In this way you will distribute your values ​​in the world and collect valuable stories associated with your company / community.
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Download Joydeed's Manifesto and Card's Instructions

Joy Garden is a coworking that has the value of collaboration between different skills and people. They created Joydeed's card: "Time is Gold" to bae passed to thank someone who has devoted his expertise.
         Marco is a developer and works for Pide Pifer, he has tried in vain all morning to fix a bug on his application.

         Giorgio is a freelancer and during a coffee break, decides to help Marco after hearing him talkling with a colleague. Happy happy result of the result passes the card "Time is gold" to thank the for the help by fueling the coworking system of values.


How does it work?