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Maria sees a guy that can't use the ticket machine at the station', getting closer she helps him to buy the ticket.
The guy, in gratitude, gives her the GRATITUDE card.

Later, at work, Maria is facing a difficult day, fortunately a colleague helps her solve an unexpected issue and everything goes back on track. To thank him Maria passes the card, helping to spread the value action.

How it works

Joydeed helps spreading value actions using cards with an unique tracking code that enables you to track the journey of the card.

The first card that are already spreading are GRATITUDE, KINDNESS, AUTHENTICITY, HUGGING.



After you have done the action written on the card, pass it and ask to do the same to someone else. Get back on the website, share the story of your action and read the point of view of who received the card. Follow on the map the value actions after yours.

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The journey of a GRATITUDE Card

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